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Senior Care Love

Senior Care Love is a leading provider of senior caregiving options in Maryland, United States. We strive to provide a unique, supportive, and understanding method of assisting families in selecting the appropriate aged care alternative for their senior loved ones. Our services collaborate with a network of skilled caregivers and healthcare professionals committed to delivering high-quality care while preserving the dignity and health of the senior.

We provide the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about where to place your loved one. In each of our senior care service areas, we advocate for residents’ rights and quality of life. Our memory care services feature accommodation, care, and therapies in an atmosphere meant to reduce disorientation and prevent wandering.

Our services are also for seniors who would want to live independently and be taken care of. Choosing the best senior care services for their loved ones while saving time and money is something we’ve helped many seniors and families with.

Our Mission

We understand the importance of finding the best care options for our senior adults. Our purpose is to provide you peace of mind by ensuring quality health care, transparency, and engagement in the care journey. We focus on providing the best senior living decisions for our senior loved ones by offering deep knowledge and information, personalized guidance, and seamless coordination. We take great care and effort to provide personalized care, ensuring each caregiver is the best fit for the seniors they serve in terms of interest, demeanor, and skill set. Our mission is to be the best Senior Care service providers for patients, employees, physicians, and referral sources by providing quality, compassionate care in the community we serve.

Know The Founders

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Magna Bucknor, Founder
(MSN, CMSRN, ACLS, BLS & PALS instructor, is a Certified Senior Advisor ®)

Senior Care Love was founded by Magna Johnston-Bucknor a Registered Nurse and certified Senior Care Advisor. Magna is a graduate from Kettering College of Medical Arts, College of Notre Dame, and Walden University. Since 1997, Magna has worked in the senior care industry, as a nursing assistant for six years, and now as a nurse and a certified Senior Care Advisor she helps families with both medical and non-medical care services. She focuses on in home care and assisting families to find the right facilities for their loved ones.

Magna’s vast experience in healthcare ranging from medical surgical, oncology, cardiac, emergency room, homecare case manager, hospice, leadership, and education has fueled her passion for the care of seniors and their families. Her vision for Senior Care Love came out of this experience, and her dedication and passion for the care of Seniors and their families have brought her great satisfaction.

Orville is the Co-Founder &CEO of Senior Care Love. He is a graduate of Northern Caribbean University, and Walden University. In 2004, he started working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, then later worked as a Radiologic Technologist. As a Radiologic Technologist he visited long-term care nursing facilities, independent living facilities, hospice facilities and people’s homes to do diagnostic x-rays on seniors. This has fueled his passion for the care of the elderly and their families. During this time, he completed an MBA. After working alongside his wife Magna on her home healthcare vision, they decided to embark on Senior Care Love which is a free service to the elderly. Senior Care Love assists Seniors and their families in making the right choice for their in home and other placement needs such as memory care facilities and assisted living needs.
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Orville Bucknor, CEO
(B.A.Ed, RT, MBA)

What we offer seniors and their families

Finding the right assisted living facility for your senior loved one is never comfortable. With so many options available, it will be confusing where to start. Senior Care Love offers free advice and assistance to help residents find the best senior care living alternatives for their families. We strive to provide the required knowledge and guidance. Our certified senior care advisors take the time to understand your unique goals and needs, offering compassionate, personalized support and guidance every step of the way. We focus on understanding things like independence level, medical conditions, lifestyle, personal preferences, location, and more when helping you select the best senior living options.

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Best Senior Care Living Assistance

Senior Care Love strives to improve its services by fine-tuning the programs and processes to maintain excellent service quality and professionalism. We provide the best healthcare services all across Maryland. We are devoted to providing the care and support to seniors and their families a peace of mind that will allow everyone to have the best quality of life possible. Get personalized senior home recommendations based on your loved one’s care requirements, budget, and timeline. We bring years of operational experience in planning, organizing, and managing Senior Care Services. Our vision is to help seniors embrace new opportunities while aging gracefully.

Certified Senior Advisor

Magna, Senior Care Love’s founder, MSN, CMSRN, ACLS, BLS & PALS instructor, is a Certified Senior Advisor ®. Senior Care Love is committed to providing meaningful senior companion care that prioritizes quality of life. We believe emotional support is the best way to keep your loved one physically and mentally fit. Our goal is to provide comfort to seniors in their aging journey. We are well-equipped to provide the best advice and knowledge to enhance older adults living experience while giving the family peace of mind. We offer customized programs to assist our senior clients in their daily activities by learning their likes and dislikes, skills, and choices.

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Customized Referrals

Senior Care Love is led by true professionals who understand what it takes to provide quality services to seniors. We offer referral services to senior care facilities to fill their vacancy. We connect older adults and their loved ones with your community according to their requirements and budget. We help our senior care partner facilities to find residents easily and in a very cost-effective manner. Our advisors help seniors to settle in the community best suited to their choice. Once you partner with us, you don’t need to worry about placement, we will help you find all the resources you need to fill your vacancy.

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