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Care Management Services for seniors and older adults include evaluating the situation, identifying care needs, and providing assistance with senior living and other professional options in Maryland and Washington DC. Care management is a promising person-centered approach designed to assist seniors and their families in managing aging more effectively and gracefully. It is a comprehensive way of assisting the health conditions, care needs, and social requirements of seniors by reducing the burden and cost.

Benefits Of Care Management

Deciding on the best senior care alternative for your loved one is one of the most challenging decisions in your life. Senior care advisors will help you take the right decision. Our senior placement advisors can help you choose the best option for seniors and families based on your requirements, preferences, and budget. You can learn more about your situation and conditions to ease the difficulties involved in the senior care process.

The process is overwhelming and not only impact the senior but the entire family. Care management will allow you to streamline the process and have relevant information and options ready for your consideration. Care management services can help you in many ways such as:

How Does Care Management
Support Seniors?

We can’t prevent aging, but learning how to deal with conditions can help loved ones, and their families manage the situation effectively. Care Management Services provides guidance and support for care providers struggling with such conditions by guiding them through a maze of complicated decisions. Care Managers review your needs, provide resources to support them, and empower families with the solutions to support them in their aging journey.

When an individual chooses a care management program, the certified advisors ensure to provide personal attention and design a program for the patient according to the severity of the disease or the other healthcare problem. These programs are customized to reduce the burden and stress.

Oftentimes, seniors and their families experience short-term problems and situational crises, and a professional care advisor can address them quickly and effectively. Individualized sessions with professional staff will help identify the problem and provide a better resolution.

Seniors who live alone need to plan their aging. Care advisors can help you ease the process with an action-oriented individualized care plan and ensure that you receive the care needed to maintain safe, healthy, and independent living.

Working with a professional to navigate the aging process can be highly beneficial. Care managers educate, support, and empower seniors and families to make informed decisions about their care while planning for future needs.

When Is The Time For Care Management?

Not everyone who works with or is involved with seniors advises them concerning their needs. So, the best time to opt for care management is when you realize you are unable to give more time to your loved ones and not able to help them with their healthcare. To eliminate the risk related to the health of older adults, you must consult with the Certified Senior Care Advisor. Certified Senior Advisors are professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of the health, social, financial, and ethical issues associated with aging.

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Certified Senior Care Advisor

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How Senior Care Love Will Help You With Care Management?

Magna Johnston Bucknor, MSN, CMSRN, ACLS, BLS & PALS instructor, and Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, founded Senior Care Love to provide meaningful senior companion care. Senior Care Love strives to provide emotional support to keep your loved one physically and mentally fit. We understand how important it is to build influential relationships with seniors to acknowledge their health and social and financial issues. We know how these factors work together in seniors’ lives.

Our purpose is to support seniors and their families to understand the way life is changing and how to embrace new opportunities. Senior Care Love is well-equipped to provide daily living services to improve the individual’s experience while offering the family peace of mind. A one-on-one approach allows us to advise seniors and their families with compassion and informed data based on their lifestyle, location, finances, and health conditions.

Senior Care Love offers free personal senior living assistance in finding a place that suits your and the needs and preferences of your loved one. We understand how important it is to find the best senior living alternative to enhance their well-being and quality of life. Senior Care Love will ensure that your aging loved one has the most appropriate services and resources available.

Benefits Of Senior Care Love

The management services of Senior Care Love focus on providing the best healthcare solutions to older adults and their families. Our care advisors continually assess the requirements of seniors, develop and implement a care plan, and coordinate and monitor various aspects of daily living. We work closely in a team effort with families and other professionals to provide health services, social and emotional support, education, and advocacy.

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Complete transparency is maintained with the seniors and their families throughout the assessment to develop a clear understanding of the circumstances and provide guidance, support, and peace of mind.
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Professional Assistance

Our certified care professionals specialize in assisting senior persons and their families in identifying and meeting their long-term care needs. We strive to cater to your needs to improve your overall quality of life.

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Personalized Care

Senior Care Love’s care advisor works closely with families and their loved ones to assess needs, develop an informative and personalized care plan, coordinate care services, and advocate for day-to-day decisions.

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After identifying your current needs, our care managers coordinate available community resources and provide ongoing monitoring. Care managers act as liaisons between healthcare providers and seniors, and families.
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Quality Life

We believe our clients are unique individuals, and we take it as a privilege. We design our program to support them in a lifestyle that brings joy and long-lasting health.

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