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Memory Care: Compassionate Care and Comfort

Senior Care Love offers free senior living advisory services and helps you to find the Best Memory Care Facility for you or your loved ones.
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Why Memory Care?

Memory care facilities are designed to provide a safe, structured environment to lower stress for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. There are times when it becomes difficult to care for your loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia at home. Memory care is a type of long-term residential care that provides extensive, specialized care to people with memory issues. Our memory care facilities offer high-quality Alzheimer’s and dementia care services that cater to the unique needs of seniors in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.

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How We Choose Best Memory Care Facility For You?

As Alzheimer’s or dementia progresses, symptoms such as personality changes, confusion, difficulties with daily living tasks, social withdrawal, and decreased judgment will manifest. We understand how overwhelmed you feel while making this decision, so we are with you at every step.

Our certified senior advisors will help you find the right and best memory care home where your loved one can thrive and age gracefully.

We will help you understand your options and help you look beyond the aesthetics and marketing build-up to find a community that will keep your loved one secure and comfortable. We will provide you with cost information, help you compare options, coordinate with communities, and accompany you.

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When Is It Time For Memory Care?

Many persons in the latter stages of the disease have trouble completing basic everyday tasks. As a consequence, a senior with early-stage dementia may be able to move from assisted living to memory care in the same community as their condition worsens. These are potential signs that someone who’s living with dementia may need memory care.

● Do they seem more forgetful or confused?

● Have you seen any mood swings or changes?

● Do they regularly lose track of what they’re saying during discussions?

● Are they experiencing disorientation in familiar surroundings?

● Do they seem disturbed or anxious?

● Do they lack energy or motivation?

● Do they appear depressed?

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