All You Need To Know About The Types of Care In Assisted Living

All You Need To Know About The Types of Care In Assisted Living

Exploring the various levels of care in assisted living facilities is essential before choosing the right one.

But how would you determine which is the best for your loved one?

To answer this, we are here.

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Over here, we explore the three most important levels of care that you should be aware of.

Whether you are seeking the right assisted living to offer you freedom and independence or you are looking for assisted living services that provide dementia care, determining the levels of care can turn the tables for both cases.

Get 24-hour staff care and a supportive community to tailor to unique needs.

Let us unlock the journey of discovering the levels of care that you may not be aware of.

Understanding The Types of  Care in Assisted Living

There are no specific requirements for choosing the types of levels.

But it all depends on the mental and physical health of your loved ones.

So, here is how you can decide the right level of care your loved one needs at the assisted living facilities:

Level 1 Care

This is the most basic level of care that your loved one can get. So, if your loved one has no medical complexities and requires minimal assistance with the activities of daily living, they fall under this category of care. 

This indicates that your loved one is independent, has no mobility issues, and can take care of their personal hygiene. At this level of care, staff at assisted living facilities can help your loved one with the activities of daily living. 

So, the staff can help you remind your loved one to take medications on time, but there is no need for 24-hour medical care. Meanwhile, your loved one can accomplish their activities of daily living while enjoying the taste of freedom and living independently 

Level 2 Care

If your loved one has a few medical complexities, such as challenges in taking care of personal hygiene or difficulty accomplishing the tasks of independent living, this type of care can be a blessing. 

For instance, your loved one may need a bit of help shaving or getting dressed. This level of care can also help your loved one manage chronic pain, make safety arrangements at the facility, and so on. 

Make sure that the assisted living facilities have an adequate staff-to-resident ratio so that your loved one gets an appropriate level of care. 

Level 3 Care

This is the ultimate level of care, where your loved one needs adequate care, love, and support from everyone around them. 

For instance, if your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, assisted living facilities also incorporate memory care to help out. 

Therefore, you don’t have to look for a separate memory care facility for your loved one. The best part of this level of care is that your loved one gets assistance with activities of daily living along with memory care. 

In Conclusion,

If you are worried about your loved one getting older and seeking assistance to accomplish their tasks, you do not need to worry. In Maryland, there are an ample number of assisted living facilities that offer all three levels of care. 

Where To Look For An Assisted Living Facility In Maryland

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