How should seniors maintain their hygiene?

Taking care of personal hygiene is challenging for seniors. If you stay with your senior loved ones, you may have noticed their struggles with small things, like taking personal care and maintaining hygiene. However, if you’re confused about which senior care options will be great, a senior care advisor helps to simplify your choice.  

The senior care industry provides ample options for seniors to maintain their personal hygiene and care. It helps them to grow happy and healthy in their advancing years. With numerous options in the market, family members often get confused about how to look out for their well-being. 

Here are some small tips on maintaining personal care and hygiene maintenance for older adults   

Small tips for personal care and hygiene for seniors

Taking care of seniors is now a piece of cake if you know the right way. This blog is a guide on how to take care of seniors.

Hire a caregiver

If you live alone and have difficulty balancing your personal and professional lives, try to find an agency that provides caregivers for seniors. Choose the right senior care advisor who will help you hire the right caregiver will help your seniors take care of their hygiene and receive personal care. Caregivers will also provide them with good company at times. Having hearty conversations with them will never let your senior loved one feel isolated.

Check the track record of their personal care and hygiene maintenance

Seniors feel embarrassed to ask for help with their care and hygiene. When you hire a caregiver for the first time, have a word with your senior loved ones. At first, they may feel embarrassed, but with the passing years, they will eventually come to terms with their caregivers. Caregivers will keep a note of their medication, personal hygiene, and needs.

Take safety measures at homes 

Your home must be a haven for seniors. Just installing railings, for example, will safeguard seniors from falls or injury. Similarly, be careful of the slippery floors, as the seniors do not have strong muscles or grip. Senior-friendly washrooms and sufficient lighting will also help seniors be watchful of their movements.

Buy senior hygiene products

You should also purchase customized senior hygiene products, such as adult wipes, adult washcloths, razors, toothbrushes, combs, and so on, for them to groom. There are plenty of materials available online. 

Personal hygiene and self-care are essential in old age. Good hygiene helps seniors live healthy and peacefully. You may have noticed that seniors either willfully stop caring for themselves or forget to do so. As a result of poor hygiene and sanitation, their body becomes the living host for several diseases. It also affects them mentally. 

Therefore, a senior care advisor helps you find the best options for your seniors in your area. 

How do I find the best senior care advisor in Maryland?

We understand that looking for the right senior care agency is difficult, especially for seniors. So, our trained senior care advisor at Senior Care Love is there to help you find agencies that offer care services to seniors.  

To know more about the specific services for your senior loved ones, our 24-hour availability of trained staff will help you understand and customize services to cater to their needs. We aim for holistic care for your senior loved ones and treat them with dignity. 

In addition, a senior care advisor in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia provides uncompromising and affordable care services and helps assist you in selecting the best caregiver agency.

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