6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Independent Living Community

Independent Living Community

Living independently during the golden years brings a sense of independence. So, many older adults choose to move to independent living communities to live their lives on their own terms. But before making this big decision, it is important to do vital research on what independent living is all about, along with the facilities provided in the communities.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living retirement homes are specially designed for older individuals who do not need assistance with the activities of daily living but rather choose to live independently without having to worry about doing other household chores. The apartment-style houses help older adults with easy navigation to their desired location like common rooms. The on-site facilities include recreational centers to connect with peers and make new friends, transportation assistance, provision for meals, safety features, and many more.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Selecting Independent Living?

When you start considering an option for independent living, it is important to consider your personal needs and the lifestyle you would have in your golden years. For older adults, the cost is one of their primary concerns when choosing a continuing care community. If you are wondering whether independent living will be the best thing to invest in, read the blog ‘Top 5 Reasons Why Independent Living Is The Best Choice For Senior Loved Ones.’ Each home for independent living is different; therefore, it is important to ask the right questions before choosing.

Here are the top 6 questions you should definitely ask before choosing an independent living facility:

Question 1: What kind of housing structures do the care facilities have?

There can be various housing arrangements, ranging from apartment-style to individual settings specifically constructed to meet the needs of older adults. The housing facilities are designed with accessible features like handrails, grab bars, lower cabinets, wide doorways, and so on. These accessible facilities are specially structured to prevent the risks of accidents and fall in the advancing years.

Question 2: What Kind of Amenities are provided in Independent Living?

Affordable independent living retirement facilities for older adults have many amenities like laundry services, housekeeping services, fitness clubs, and so on. It is important to seek information on whether the care community has all the services available. You can also seek information on whether the payment is covered in the monthly or annual rent or if one has to pay for individual services from their own pocket. Make sure that the amenities provided at the care communities have enough participation levels.

Question 3: Can Care Experts Help To Find A Good Location?

Location plays an important role in narrowing down your search for independent living communities. If you live far from your loved one, it will be wise to choose a community near your relatives or friends. You can also compare your location in rural areas, suburbs, and cities. Each location has its own pros and cons. For more information on choosing the right care facilities in your neighborhood, speak to a senior care advisor. Here is a list of the top five questions you could ask your care advisor.

Question 4: Is staff available 24/7?

Seek information on whether the caregivers offering services at the independent living facility are qualified and friendly enough to help you out with your needs. It is important to choose a community where the staff is friendly and available for you around the clock. You can also visit the community with someone to make sure that the staff members make you feel comfortable and answer all your queries. You can also ask about their qualification to check whether the community has certified nurses or caregivers. 

Question 5: Will Staff be Available for Mobility Assistance?

You may need transportation facilities to finish your errands or go for medical appointments. You can also check whether the retirement houses have transportation facilities. Ask them how far you are allowed to travel, or what kind of transportation facilities are available in the community. Ask the community members whether they have free transportation facilities for shopping, dining, or recreational trips. Also, check whether the transportation facilities are available anytime or have to be scheduled.

Question 6: Are the facilities available to serve your changing needs?

One cannot ignore the fact that every person has unique needs that may change over time. So, make sure that the community you have been planning to choose serves your changing needs. The needs may vary from mobility assistance to meal preparation to housekeeping services, and so on. Ask the community in charge whether the facilities have 24-hour medical services on campus. You can also ask them whether the facilities offer routine check-ups to monitor the health of residents.

Are you Looking For Independent Living in Maryland?

Asking the above six questions can help you find the best independent living facilities in your neighborhood. If you have trouble finding the right kind of care community, get in touch with the senior care advisor at Senior Care Love.

It is important to understand which care facility is right for you, as all the care communities do not offer the same facilities that you may need. Senior Care Love has care experts who know well about independent living communities in Maryland. We can help you find the right care community as per your budget. Not only do our care experts provide you with the information, but they also help you with the smooth transition to the care facility and make sure you do not feel out of place.

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