Explain the main categories of assistance in aged care

Homecare Assistance

You, certainly, cannot stop yourself from getting old, but with the right assistance and proper care, life gets easier with senior home care services. To carry out daily chores, trained healthcare professionals are just a tap away, looking after your personal care for seniors, healthcare, accommodations, and so forth. 

Various types of senior home care services, like home care assistance, memory care, care homes, and many more, are designed to meet their specific needs and goals. So, choose what is best for your loved one. Let’s learn more about eldercare and the main types of assistance in eldercare.

What is Elderly Care?

The term ‘Elderly care’ refers to caring for and supporting the healthy well-being of older people. Home care assistance provided to elderly people helps them stay connected to their families, be independent, and meet cultural and social needs.

Personal care for seniors provides homely or residential-friendly care homes as per their needs. This meets their criteria by providing facilities such as assistance with daily chores, health care, maintenance of personal hygiene, cooking assistance, cleaning, accommodation, and so on.

Types of Assistance in Elderly Care

Obtaining elderly care services is critical for those who frequently struggle with daily chores. But worry not, as several elderly care services are available in the US. Here are some common types of elderly care services:

• Home Care

Home care assistance offers help with daily chores to seniors living independently. The main aim of this service is to ensure that you or your loved one can stay comfortable in their homes while having some help to do their regular tasks with health assistance and safety.

Services such as meal deliveries, food preparation, cooking assistance, personal care for seniors and their maintenance, grooming, and nursing care are provided to seniors. You can also get domestic support to ensure a spotless, healthy home.

Memory Care

Many nursing homes, assisted living families, and facilities provide memory care services, especially for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is long-term assistance that provides intensive and specialized care for people with memory issues.

Trained caregivers help seniors or elderly with personal care tasks, just like home care assistance. However, they are also specially trained to deal with issues related to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, like wandering, memory loss, or mental health issues. Seniors are free to explore their surroundings, but only with location monitoring and special care. 

Care Homes

A care home or residential home provides accommodation and personal care for people who need extra help. There are various types of care homes that you can choose according to your or your loved ones. 

People in care homes get help with dressing, eating, washing, maintaining personal hygiene, bathing, taking medication, and other services. Some care homes also offer social activities such as outings to explore cultural & social needs and to give them a feeling of their own home. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living is designed for people who need various levels of personal or medical care. The living space can be individual rooms, shared quarters, or apartments with a homelike setting to promote the independence of residents. The services offered in assisted living vary according to the facilities chosen. It can include one to three meals daily, medication monitoring, personal care, housekeeping, emergency care, medical services, social and recreational activities, and many more.

Respite Care

One cannot thank enough caregivers who are available 24*7, but who doesn’t need a break from duties? Thanks to respite care, caregivers can now participate in fun activities such as music, dance, group meals, or art classes taught by professionals. Enjoy fun activities for a few hours, days, or weeks. 

Respite care can occur at special day-care centres, your home, or residential centres offering overnight stays. It offers a safe and comfortable place for your loved one when caregivers are on a short-term break. 

With growing age, elderly care services like home care assistance, respite care, and care homes are blessings for families. Healthcare professionals taking care of your loved ones will bring a positive and healthy lifestyle. 

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