A Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Assisted Living Facility for Senior Loved Ones

Assisted living facility

Growing old has its fair share of challenges. As you age, menial tasks seem to be an uphill chore. As a result, many older adults prefer to choose assisted living facilities in their preferred location.

However, choosing assisted living for senior loved ones is an extensive process. There is a big checklist to follow and see whether the assisted living service for senior adults for your loved one is right or not.

In this blog, we will put forth a complete checklist on how you should evaluate assisted living facilities for your loved ones based on their needs. Also, we will streamline the items that your loved ones may need at their new place.

But first, let’s get a grasp on who should seek out assisted living facilities.

To put things simply, assisted living is the living arrangement for senior adults who don’t need any complex medical care but need assistance with the activities of daily living. It includes taking care of personal hygiene, dressing, medication reminders, bathing, and so on. 

Now, if you believe that your senior loved ones are finding it difficult to maintain household chores and keep up with personal hygiene, assisted living is the best option for them. But selecting the right assisted living services for your loved ones will play an important role in their well-being.

Ask your loved ones whether they need assistance with the activities of daily living and are comfortable moving to a new place to live independently in their golden years.

If yes, here are the three basic steps to follow before moving into assisted living. 

First step

Checklist for Evaluating Assisted Living Facilities

  • Choose your preferred location for your loved ones.
  • Check online reviews or testimonials. 
  • Know about the cost estimates of the selected/preferred assisted living facility.
  • Book a tour of the facility with your loved ones.
  • Get information about their license, insurance, staff ratio, and the facilities available on-site.
  • Ask for a layout plan of the rooms available there, along with the prices of the rooms. 
  • Get information about the prohibited items, pet policy, and furniture, items, or living arrangements available on-site.
  • Keep a note of the behavior of staff and residents.
  • Also, speak to some residents to get a ground-level picture of assisted living.
  • Check for recreational plans, safety features like floor plans, handrails, sufficient artificial lighting, easy-to-reach shelves or cupboards, and so on.

Second step

What do your loved ones need?

Once you select and agree to comply with the regulations of your preferred assisted living facility, seek the details of their paperwork. Once you’re done with everything, get ready to jot down the list of required items your loved ones will require at assisted living.

  • Keep your financial and legal paperwork secure.
  • Seasonal clothing (keep in mind that the new place may not be spacious enough, so pack your clothes accordingly).
  • Keep the medications and toiletries in an easy-to-access place.
  • Pack skin care creams or other essential hygienic items.
  • Though the residential communities will have the necessary items, your loved ones may need smaller kitchen utensils like a toaster or blender.
  • Hobby items like books, movies, or whatever your loved ones have loved doing in the past.

 If you are confused about what things your loved ones may or may not require at an assisted living facility, get in touch with a senior care advisor. They will help you make a wise decision and maintain a checklist of the items your loved ones need at the assisted living facilities.

Third step

How can you make the transition period smoother for your loved ones?

At first, your loved ones may feel a bit out of place and get homesick. Take some time and help them make the transition journey smoother. It is important to stay connected with them, as they need emotional support in their new home. No doubt, senior socialization plays an important role at assisted living facilities, but it takes time to feel at ease in the new environment.

Here is something you can follow:

  • Stay in touch with your loved ones.
  • Coordinate with the members of assisted living facilities and the caregivers to know the well-being of your loved ones.
  • Bring personal items that your loved ones will cherish once they shift to their new place. 

We understand that planning for assisted living in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC needs quite an effort. But with Senior Care Love, you can narrow down your process of selecting assisted living facilities. With years of experience in the senior care industry, our senior care advisor will help you find the right assisted living service for senior adults and make the transition period easier for your loved ones. 

For more information on our assisted living services, call us

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