Things You Should Ask About Personal Care At Assisted Living Communities

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Assisted living communities are more than just homes; these communities provide peace and love to every older individual who lives there. Stepping into an assisted living facility offers unfathomable peace and support to a loved one, especially when these centers offer personal care services. 

Therefore, choosing the right assisted living facility can bring happiness and joy to older individuals. We bet that your loved one is looking for a place to spend their golden years with unparalleled love and support.

To strike a balance between independence and support, these assisted living communities often encourage loved ones to be self-reliant. So, when it comes to personal care, the staff members value the respect and dignity of every individual, while making the care plan. The level of personal care varies from person to person, so it is important to understand what assisted living provides. 

In this blog, we are going to delve into 4 most important questions that you need to ask about personal care services at assisted living facilities. Visit each assisted living community to understand which one would serve your loved one better.

Be Ready With These Four Personal Care questions:

What Personal Care Services Do You Offer?

Asking about the number of personal care services available at the assisted living facilities gives you a brief insight into the availability of grooming services. Many assisted living facilities have on-site salons for better hair and makeup.

Also, you can ask them to give you a list of detailed activities of daily living that are included in the personal care services. This list can help you include the things you need to do or need help with to maintain your personal care. This includes medical assistance, bathing, grooming, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, and much more.

Please Note: Your Loved One May Need Assistance With:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Medical assistance
  • Mobility support
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Housekeeping and laundry facilities
  • Toileting
  • Meal Preparation and so on…

Plus, check out a complete guide on choosing assisted living for your loved one. 

Ask About Staff Training and Qualifications

By knowing about the staff’s training, certification, and qualifications, you get to know about their experiences in handling older adults with personal care services. Find out whether the staff is available around the clock or at specific hours. 

When you seek information about staff training, you understand how competent the staff are and whether they would meet the needs and preferences of your loved one. You can also speak to the residents residing there to understand the current scenario at the assisted living center.

Is There Medical Emergency Assistance Available?

You may be aware that the residents staying at the assisted living facilities do not have complicated medical conditions, but life can be unpredictable in the golden years. Learn about the medical services available at your loved one’s assisted living community.

By asking about medical assistance, you get an idea of what the staff does and how they prepare for medical emergencies. Speak to the staff about the medication management reminder. There should be no compromise on the health of your loved ones.

What Are The Privacy Policies At The Assisted Living Communities?

This question may not seem important at first, but once your loved one moves into an assisted living community, you will gradually realize the gravity of the care needed. You should ask about the privacy policy to understand the limitations and restrictions at the assisted living homes.

This gives a brief idea of your involvement as a family member in caregiving responsibilities. Moreover, you will also get an understanding of the values, dignity, and respect that the staff at the assisted living community offer to the residents.

How To Find The Right Assisted

Living Near You In Maryland

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Now that you know how assisted living communities can be a blessing in disguise, you need to understand the levels of care your loved one needs at assisted living. Based on that, choose the right living care. 

If you are confused about your choice, speak to the Senior Care Advisor at Senior Care Love. Our care experts determine the needs and preferences of your loved one. After assessing your preferences, the care experts will give you advice and suggestions on what to do. As per your budget and preferences, we will offer you a list of assisted living facilities. Once you select your assisted living facility, our care experts will help in the smooth transition of your loved one and be with them through thick and thin, forever.

Get your certified senior care advisor now!

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