Fitness & Seniors: How senior care assistance can help?

Senior Care Assistance

Everyone feels terrible watching their loved ones getting old and having trouble doing their daily routine chores with ease. Aging cannot be halted, but physical activeness can be sustained for long life, so we need senior care assistance for our care.

There are numerous reasons why our body slows down and becomes more tired with age. These reasons include overweight problems, memory loss, health issues, or ignorance of our bodies. Whatever may be the reason for the lack of exercise, it only reduces our years as we move toward being seniors.

To maintain a healthy and quality lifestyle after retirement, awareness and support systems need to be maintained for our elderly loved ones. In a Swedish study, it was found that exercise is the only way by which an individual can add some extra years to life.

How do Senior Citizens Benefit from Physical Exercise?

As we grow older, many health issues create space in our bodies and slowly make our life unworthy with time. Physical activity needs to be taken seriously to avoid such suffering. There are many benefits a body and mind procure by doing regular exercise, such as:

1). Maintains Flexibility: As time prevails, flexibility from the joints perishes, sometimes leading to muscle or joint injury. Regular exercise acts as a lubricant for the functioning of the joints. People of old age suffer a lot of problems because of the lack of flexibility in the body, and life becomes hell when they find no one around to help them.

So it’s very important to make seniors aware of 15-20 min daily exercise before they lose their body.

2). Releases Mental Pressure: Active body leads to an active mind that leads to a stress-free life. Just like the body, exercise relaxes our minds. Apart from physical exercise, some mental exercises like Sudoku and crossword puzzles help in the improvement of brain functioning. These exercises prevent memory loss among aging people and improve their thinking ability even at a higher age.

3). Improves the quality of sleep: How well the body performs actively during the whole day depends on how well we sleep and do regular exercise. It not only improves sleep quality but also improves after-day work.

4). Reduces Chances of Chronic diseases: Regular physical exercise improves our metabolism and digestive power and reduces the chances of having other diseases which can have a long-lasting impact on our body, especially in the case of senior citizens.

Fitness Tips for Senior Citizens

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule can be a daunting task for senior citizens. It even gets harder to maintain because of many reasons like lack of motivation, no external support or a companion, and sometimes the fear of getting injured or the problems which have been running in the body for over the years demotivates the aging people from doing regular exercise.

But to live a longer and happier life body needs to be in balance, and for that, here are some fitness tips for senior citizens.

a) Do not take a toll on your body: With growing age, the muscles do not work with that efficiency once which they used to, so rather than lifting heavy weights or giving yourself a hard time at the gym, focus more on doing cardio to maintain flexibility in the joints and other parts of the body.

b) Take small steps: If you have decided to change your routine by giving out some time to your body, then do it slowly. Rather than making some high efforts start with the basics – Go for morning or evening walks and try to avoid the mind from thinking about some negative stuff.

c) Regular efforts: Maintaining your body does not mean that it can only be done at the gym or fitness centers. After a particular age, small but regular efforts are required to maintain a fitness level, and it can be done anywhere, like, while walking in a mall or apartment. Try to use stairs rather than lifts or escalators, which can prevent your legs from getting stiff.

d) Do exercise with fun and for fun: After the age of retirement, many people lose companions and the motivation to maintain themselves, so make sure that loved ones do not go with this phase, make your senior loved ones opt for yoga or aerobic classes. This will not only help them in remaining fit but will also improve their thinking ability, and will add some fun to their life by meeting new people.

How do Senior Care Love services help?

It’s not simple for our senior people to maintain their regular exercise routine, not even for us. It is simple to keep them motivated for their benefit and to overcome this, Senior Care Love will help you find healthcare centers and home care facilities where your loved ones will get all kinds of assistance that you are looking for them.

With top facility centers being our partners, SeniorCare Love helps you to find out the best home facility centers in your locality that can meet your requirements. Whether you need an in-home care facility or health care center, partners connected with SeniorCare Love have an excellent past record of assisting our clients.

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