How to keep yourself prepared for healthy aging?

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With every passing year, you may think that you are getting older. But this feeling isn’t common for everyone. The Pew Research Center conducted a telephone survey, titled, Growing Old in America: Expectations vs Reality, which concluded that as people grow older, they often view themselves as younger. More than 60% of people, aged 65 or older feel that they are younger than their age. Similarly, people aged 50 or older feel that they are 10 years younger than their actual age. This reflects the increasing instances of positive outlook that sometimes come with elderly care.

What Does it Feel like?

We certainly all have a past that remains buried in our subconscious minds when we are young. But over the years, those memories emerge with age, and you get nostalgic. There is nothing you can do to evade your past, but you cannot let those thoughts affect you in your advancing years. Similarly, getting addicted to happy thoughts makes you feel lonelier in the coming years. Several elderly parents penned down their thoughts on social media during the pandemic about how they felt nostalgic about their childhood.

We understand that growing older brings mixed feelings. About 60% of Americans feel lonely and isolated as they grow older.

Are you the one who is preparing for successful aging?

However, one cannot deny that aging causes limitations, such as memory loss; according to research, one out of every four adults aged 65 or older suffers from memory loss, and one in every five aging adults suffers from a serious illness, anxiety, or depression. 1/7 of aging adults are unable to drive independently; many aging adults do not feel the need to be dependent on their children, or relatives.

This is certainly an instance where people wish to age successfully without hassle. When we speak about successful aging, there is no particular description. However, in the 1990s, experts like Rowe and Kahn defined ‘successful aging’ as avoiding any sort of illness, improving cognitive abilities, and physical functions, and being socially interactive. This brings a positive outlook into their lives and helps them grow spiritually.

This leads us to the realization that elderly homecare services are a blessing in disguise.

How do home care services for the elderly help your aging parents?

As you grow older, you start recalling all the beautiful memories you have spent with your loved one(s). When aging adults lose their better half or partners, they feel underconfident. This results in isolation, and they keep on suppressing their thoughts and emotions. This article will help you to understand how you can help them.

Home care services: Your senior loved one will need assistance with daily chores at their residence. Institutions such as SeniorCare Love offer memory care, assisted living, independent living, and many more services to help your elderly loved one age gracefully and comfortably. 

Care Management: If you are forgetful about taking medical care and always miss doctor’s appointments, this is the right time for you to look for assistance. With services like care management, health, social, ethical, or financial assistance are looked after.

Memory care: In many scenarios, growing older results in memory issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Memory care services assist aging adults in maintaining a variety of physical and mental activities. If you are concerned about the mental well-being of your senior loved one, give them a puzzle or a challenging task every day to stimulate their memory. 

Assisted living: If you are unavailable for your senior loved one, caregiving facilities are the best for you. Trained staff will look after their daily activities, including making medical appointments, providing transportation assistance, and many more. This will help your senior loved one age gracefully.

Social media presence: If you are busy, engage your children or any young ones to help them understand the benefits of social media. Learning to use social media will help them stay in touch with their friends and family.

With all these services, taking care of an elderly parent becomes a piece of cake. These services boost their confidence and make them active in a long run. Now, age gracefully with SeniorCare Love, as our trained professionals are available for you with 24/7 support.

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