What to look for when choosing an Independent living community?

Independent living
Independent living

Are you planning a stress-free retirement? Looking for a comfortable place to live near your friends or family? Want to make most of your retirement time fun and self-sufficient? Here, you are thinking of an independent living community.

Independent living community refers to an arrangement of houses that are designed for older adults or senior citizens. From apartment style to single-family, the accommodation facilities are arranged as per the needs of your senior loved ones, providing a friendlier environment, easy navigation, and no household maintenance. Independent living for seniors offers the best services to help senior citizens, preferably 55 or older, live a carefree life after retirement. 

How do independent living communities help senior citizens?

With more services and facilities offered to senior citizens, independent living complements a healthy lifestyle for your elderly loved ones. With senior home care services, your loved ones are always safe and secure, with lovely companions offering support and affection. Your senior loved ones can take part in educational seminars, volunteer work, movie nights, and other social activities. Socialization lowers the risk of heart disease and keeps their retirement life engaging.

Why it is beneficial for seniors?

Healthy aging- As your senior loved ones choose to lead a worry-free lifestyle, the idea of living independently helps the seniors grow and develop healthy relationships with peers and family members. Making a thoughtful decision in this regard is significant. With several community services and activities, interaction with peers often reduces the risk of heart disease in senior loved ones.

Easy and healthy interaction- If your senior loved ones are planning to relive their college days, independent living is the best option. Retirement means embarking on new adventures or revisiting old interests. Independent living communities also promote healthy social interaction with peer groups. This improves relationships with peers and families.

Safety- Growing older increases the likelihood of accidents at home, such as falling. Independent living communities always put safety first when designing their housing arrangements. Safety and security for your senior loved ones are always priorities.

Lower monthly expenses- There is no need to worry about paying cable or electricity bills or property taxes. Everything is taken care of! Independent living communities also offer transportation services, so your elderly loved ones need not worry about traveling or anything.

No household chores- Now that your senior loved ones are free from home duties and responsibilities, your older loved ones can pursue interests like painting or cooking. Thus, independent living services are what your elderly loved ones need if they fancy prepared meals, housekeeping, or cleaning services.

Provide your senior loved ones with empowerment- With fewer household responsibilities and more time to engage in hobbies, this sense of new independence brings more empowerment to your loved ones. Independent living communities offer solitude while keeping socialization in mind.

What should I look for when choosing independent living communities?

Your nearby independent living communities must offer the following services:

• Recreational activities or fitness gym.

• Clubs offering various fun activities like a book club, a cooking club, or any other sort of club

Gated security.

• Laundry services, included with housekeeping and maintenance services, exploring more travel and cultural opportunities.

• Fun game nights and many more.

These are only some of the activities in the communities. However, it depends on the type of services your seniors or elderly family members have chosen for themselves. 

Let’s check out the types: 

Depending on the budget and recommendations of your senior loved ones, one can choose from the following:

If your senior loved ones are unable to decide what to look for when choosing an independent living community, they can opt for a care retirement community. This offers them transitions from one community to another, such as independent living to assisted living to nursing homecare.

 If a retiree chooses to live independently near their children or relatives, they can opt for retirement homes that offer them an active lifestyle and the option to live freely. 

Specially designed for elderly care, the senior apartments may or may not be a part of the care community. This option is good for seniors looking for independent living with a limited budget.

There are several low-income or subsidized housing options available if your elderly family members are looking for apartments that are below market value and are subsidized by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

But if you are looking for an opportunity to live independently or in an elderly care home, contact SeniorCare Love as we provide you with the best options to live independently with budget-friendly options. Contact us for more details. 

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